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Our English Colleges Partners

The ELICOS Providers in Australia are a network of public and private independent colleges, uniquely placed to offer students from around the world education programs tailored to meet each individual requirement. Our English colleges partners have a long-standing reputation for delivering a premium quality education and native teachers with great experience instructing English as a second language.

All of our colleges partners share a similar approach to education: to help all our students to achieve the very best academic results. This is done through rigorous but informal teaching, small class sizes, frequent testing, and expert teachers who have the interests of each student at the center of everything they do.

Students from all countries around the world come to Australia to learn English because of the incredible academic results and commitment to helping all students achieve success. The Australian communities are also very welcoming and understanding to international students who are learning English as a second language.

Talk to us, we will find the perfect English college that fits your budget, expectations and learning outcomes.

The Benefits of Choosing Our English Colleges.

Flexible payment plan available

Fantastic facilities and highly qualified tutors

Unparalleled ability to deliver learning results

Scholarship opportunities and discounts for international students

Australian leaders in the international education industry

Our partners achieve their corporate social responsibility

Some of Our Valued ELICOS Partners

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We believe in giving people from different backgrounds, cultures and economic status the opportunity of studying overseas and exploring new cultures.
​Our language colleges receive genuine students and multiple benefits from us.

We love working with language colleges that strive to offer a unique service to international students.


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”
Ludwig Wittgenstein