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University Education and Degrees

Every year hundreds of thousands of prospective students choose higher education as their next step after school or college. In such a competitive job market, gaining a degree can significantly increase your career prospects. Statistics show that graduates earn significantly more than those without higher education qualifications. Also, as a graduate, your options will be wider, and you will find it easier to get into employment and stay up to date with the current trends.

A degree will not only allow students to gain an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject but also develop transferable skills such as communication, presentation and problem-solving skills, while enhancing their ability to work as part of a team.

Going to university also offers you more than the opportunity to delve deeper into a subject you enjoy, it also gives you the opportunity to study in world-renowned higher education institutions all over the globe, gain experience with extracurricular activities, make lifelong connections and for some professions to study a career that cannot be practised without having the qualification.

Discussing your options with our Monkeys Team delivers you tangible benefits. We provide a great variety of options according to your personal interests, restrictions and budget. We care for our students, contact us and find out more about how we can help you.

Considerations before enrolling to study a new university degree…

Your current English level, skills and abilities

Your purpose of studying and work expectactions

What cost you can afford and payment plan

Part or full time studies commitment

Your own way of learning and passions

The facilities, materials, and learning outcomes

Work placement opportunities and internships

The university's global recognition in the degree you want to study

The university's network with companies and organizations

Are You Looking to Specialise?

Bachelor Degrees
Master Degrees
Professional Doctorate Degrees -PhDs

Some of the Best Universities in Australia…


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