VET courses provide students with the practical and technical skills needed in the workplace

Vocational Education and Training ( VET Education)

Vocational education is about skills and abilities, you know how to do things or you don’t. You demonstrate your experience and practical knowledge by solving problems, using your work skills and creating, that is how you get paid.

At Monkeys Education Agency we permanently review for our students professional development advances that employers are looking for. VET (Vocational Education and Training) has never been more popular than now. Graduates from vocational training are being more employable, more promotable and more efficient all around the world.

Skills shortages in the market, flexibility in terms of time or work commitments, and keeping up to date with the changes on what employers need, makes vocational education and training a perfect solution for young people just graduated from high school exploring a new career path or even before taking the decision to study at university. It is also a wonderful option for adults and professionals looking to enhance their abilities or a career change.

Talk to us, at Monkeys we deliver to our students advice that provide valuable information and tangible benefits for your career path.

Considerations Before Enrolling to Study a New Vocational Course

Your skills and abilities

Your purpose of studying and expectactions

What cost you can afford

Your part-time studies commitment and learning outcomes

Your own way of learning and passions

The facilities, materials, work placement opportunities

Why VET Education is a great option to study in Australia?

High-quality vocational education and training (VET) is vital to Australia’s economic prosperity.

VET provides the skills and knowledge that students need to contribute positively to the national workforce.

VET courses allow you to study, work and live in Australia with a lower cost of tuition fees and more time flexibility.

Migration opportunities for high skilled and experienced professionals

Some of Our Valued Vocational Colleges


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein.