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We are a passionate team of engineers, professional education advisors and entrepreneurs who make it easier for people to find the right course to study, work and live abroad.

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We provide the best assistance to meet the student and professional goals of many people around the world.

We are an international education agency committed to helping IT professionals achieve their dreams of studying, working and living in Australia. With a focus on providing a simple, honest and hassle-free educational migration experience, we are dedicated to making your transition to Australia as seamless as possible.

Our Services

Learn about all the advantages and possibilities that Monkeys offers you to improve your professional future in Australia

Educational advice

We help you choose the best programs and universities in Australia for your IT studies, providing you with expert guidance every step of the process.

Financial planning

We assist you in managing your finances to study in Australia, providing guidance on scholarships, budgets and living costs.

Travel arrangements

We organize all the details of your trips to Australia, ensuring that your arrival and transfers are hassle-free.

Visa application

We guide you through every step of the Australia visa application process, ensuring that you comply with all the necessary requirements and procedures.

Support in the destination city

We offer you comprehensive assistance to facilitate your adaptation and establishment in Australia, providing you with local guidance and support in administrative procedures.

Accommodation services

We take care of finding and securing the best accommodation option for you in Australia, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and adapted to your needs.

Airport pick up

We meet you personally at the airport upon arrival in Australia, ensuring that your arrival is welcoming and smooth.

Tourism activities

We offer you opportunities to explore and enjoy Australia’s tourist attractions, enriching your experience while you study and work in the country.

Professional development

We promote your professional growth in Australia, providing you with opportunities and resources to advance your career in the IT field.

Job opportunities

We connect you with job opportunities in the IT sector in Australia, facilitating your insertion into the local labor market.

immigration services

We offer comprehensive advice and support on all aspects related to migration to Australia, ensuring a clear and hassle-free process.

Free consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your educational and career goals in Australia, providing you with personalized guidance from the start.

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“Our lives do not belong to us. From the womb to the grave, we are united with others. The past and the present. And for every joy and every gesture of kindness, we build our future.”

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas