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From humble and diverse beginnings, our customer driven focus and delivery of the right solutions to our customers has made us the preferred Education Agency for international students around the world.

Monkey’s team is a group of self-motivated and passionate professionals that contain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the international education industry.

Our aim is to be known as honest, well informed and reliable, with information and solutions that are clearly summarized and built to conform best practices.

We have workplace methodologies that encourage regular communication and collaboration between staff, third parties and clients. As a result, we are committed to continually improve our services, processes and quality of care that drives us to exceed all expectations.

Get in touch. Our team is always available, that means taking phone calls, even at inopportune times, and returning emails promptly. We remain in constant communication with our clients so they feel our presence and know how important they are to us.

Strong Points in Our Team

  • Professional experience
  • Practical and relevant qualifications
  • Team spirit
  • All hands on deck mentality
  • Always available 
  • Prompt communication
  • We know our value.

Our Dream Team

Sam Pechimpak


Sophia Loren

Compliance Manager

Sophia Loren

Marketing Manager

Catherine Denueve

Senior Education Agent

Ricardo Darin

Senior Education Agent

Milena Tomas

Senior Education Agent

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We’re a passionate team of engineers, professional education advisors, and entrepreneurs making it easier for people to find the right course to study overseas.

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“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future”

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas