We are a company with a purpose, to help everyone to find their personal and professional place in the world.

We believe in giving people from different backgrounds, cultures and economic statuses the opportunity of studying overseas and exploring new cultures.

Our aim is to always be the trusted partner in your educational journey.

Monkeys is an Australian-owned and operated education agency. Our staff members are committed to helping international students to succeed with their career plans and ensuring their transition to the new destination is easy and enjoyable.

We are passionate about passing the opportunities of studying, working and living overseas to new generations. By exploring new possibilities abroad our international students get lasting happiness, open their minds to new perspectives, and feel special when they connect with new communities and landscapes.

With more than 7 years of experience in the international education sector, we have now expanded to include creative professionals from multiple industries with one quality in common: a passion for service. We strive at showing how and why by exploring new cultures, learning new languages and developing different skills you can increase your personal confidence, develop professionally and contribute positively to our society.

Our reputation is been built on our quality of service and honesty, having a real impact on creating trustworthy relationships with our students. Our customer-driven focus and delivery of the right information and solutions to our customers have made us the preferred Education Agency for many international students around the world.

Monkeys’ experienced team will make it an enjoyable aventure, fulfil your expectations and be the education agent partner you want to have in all the considerations.

How Monkeys Team makes a difference for you, our partners and society:

Migrate abroad

Taking the Smart Way.

Promoting self-growth and confidence by encouraging people to do what they always wanted to do: to connect with new communities, cultures and landscapes.

Make friends abroad

Being Patient and Understanding.

At enrolling to study overseas, we remember our clients can be taking a lifetime decision; therefore, we never put them on a purchase time clock.

Get to know the foreigner

Growing Horizontally.

At Monkeys together with our business partners we encourage growth that allows everyone of our students to find a fortunate career pathway.

Experience in Australia

Being Present.

We stay aware of the needs, fears, apprehensions, and desires of our clients at every step along the path of the educational journey.

Explore your study options abroad.

Staying Focussed on Your Service.

At Monkeys, our motto is to focus on the service and caring aspect of the transitions to add value for our clients.

Benefits of studying in Australia

Tying Together Societies.

By enriching the lives of international students with new experiences overseas, we increase diversity and plasticity in the routine of societies around the world.

Our Values

We Maintain Our Values By:

Being ethical and maintaining educational practices that involve the well-being of our communities, the right use of confidential information and are sustainable for our planet.

Giving constant personal and professional development to our staff members

Our values are integrated into the day-to-day operations of our organization.

Our Commitment to the Society

We love working on projects with not-for-profit organizations that aim to find the right place to live for everyone.

By employing in our team people from different nationalities, we support professional immigrants to develop their careers in Australia.

We support green sustainable practices like: Circular Economy, Recycling and Greening the planet by planting trees.


The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”

Kamil Toume.