Nicole Carmona – Studies General English

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Hello everyone,

I want here to tell you a little about my experience as an international student in Australia and the support I have received from my education agency Monkeys. This dream started in the middle of the covid pandemic and began to take shape and since it is such an important step in life, I took time to make sure that it was what I wanted to do. I started saving money and when I saw that the time was approaching for Australia to reopen borders, I contacted the Monkeys agency, which has been vital in this process.

The agency began advising me according to my expectations, guided me through all the documents and step by step we built this dream.

When everything was ready and after a few months of waiting on the response from the embassy for my student visa application, ​​I received the approval letter for my visa. It was a great joy but a bit overwhelming because the first thing I had to do was buying my tickets. After getting rid of many material things and saying goodbye to my friends, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and loved ones.

At the time of travelling, the agency was very helpful with me, they guide me through my scales and my arrival in Brisbane. The Monkeys team picked me up at the airport and it is something that I personally loved because when you arrive you are very overwhelmed and with a lot of accumulated fatigue after the trip.

I came to Australia at a time when finding a place to live was very difficult and the rent was very expensive. The agency collaborated with me to get a stay at a very fair price and in a house that I loved, along with a dog that has been a great company for me. Also, thanks to the support of my education advisor, I was able to understand the working system in Australia and found a job quite quickly that helped me start receiving dollars soon.

Right now I am studying English, I have a job that fits my schedule and allows me to enjoy the plans that this beautiful and friendly city offers. My plan is to continue studying English and do some short alternate courses in my profession that enrich my knowledge as a fashion designer.

The agency has been very present in every part of my process in Australia and that is something very important to me because they have been my unconditional support. I totally recommend living this experience of studying in Australia and trusting in the services that Monkeys offer you.

See you around here 😉😉😉


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