Are you considering investing or moving your business overseas? Here is the information you need to have.

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Dear Business People…

If you are looking for a suitable place in which to grow your money and live, we have a worthwhile suggestion for you: Bring your funds and invest to Australia. Australia stands as a great place to grow your money, especially in the financial, construction and real estate sectors.

Australia disposes of one of the most qualified and diverse labour markets in the world.  It also offers low-risk, easy to understand and well-regulated investment ecosystem as well as research and development initiatives that are at par with the best the world can offer. Best of all, the country remains a safe and secure haven for everyone: citizens, permanent residents and guests.  Part of the reason is its close relationship and coordination with its neighbouring economies, which are one of the fastest growing in the world today.

Investing your funds in some select industries in Australia can be an attractive proposition for your money to earn handsome profit.  We all know that Australia does not run out of advantages for any business person or an investor like you either to expand your business or put your extra capital in some profitable ventures. But, before that you book the flight to Australia and make any transaction, an Investor visa would be required, the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subclass 188).  This type of visa has different streams of Australian investor visa that you could apply for:

  • Investor Stream Visa (188B)
  • Significant Investor Stream (188C)
  • Premium Investor Stream (188D)

What separates the three from each other is basically the amount of investment and how the eligibility criteria vary among the three. However, we know one of your goals in applying for a provisional investment visa is to secure a permanent one.  Let’s talk, we can chat about how to upgrade from provisional visa to a permanent one for you and your family members.

We know you are a busy business person and don’t really have time to read all of the information here about Visa conditions, eligibility criteria, the application process, so why don’t you just contact us and we’ll have a chat about your situation and will take care of your visa. Just get in touch with us, we are prepared to:

  • Provide you with the needed assistance in finding the legal help that you may require in the process.
  • Conduct a research on a local market of your choice for profitable investment options and instruments.
  • We will deal with state and territory decision makers so that you will get the much-sought nomination from them and we will make the necessary follow-ups with the immigration department until you are given the invitation for a visa application.

We at Monkeys can do all these activities because we keep prosperous working relationships with accountants, business brokers, lawyers specializing in business law and migration lawyers, and other professionals involved in the processing of your visa.  We leave no stone unturned in our effort to get the visa you’ve been longing to get hold of.

If you’re not sure yet about a lot of things regarding the investment visa that you are aiming for, get in touch, it’s easy to reach us.  Simply pick up your phone now and dial +61 406 566 006.  You may also contact us  through this website if you’d prefer to do so and book us for consultation.

We will be with you from the submission of your expression of interest (EOI) up until the release of the invitation for you to apply for the visa of your choice. Let’s make sure we take together the first steps of the process right.  It’s costly to make mistakes while the course of action is already ongoing.  So, we better sit down first and discuss your concerns.