Are you looking for internships or work placement opportunities to increase your professional skills?

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Hello Monkeys…

While the idea of spending your summer at the beach might be more appealing than working 9-5, the benefits of an internship last a lot longer than your tan. Internships are practical work experience placements usually undertaken in the penultimate year of study. They prove to future employers that you’ve got what it takes to bring value to their team.

An internship is aclear opportunity to get experience in the duties of a new career without committing to a permanent work placement. You may find virtual and physical internships that enrich your skills by reaching out to desirable companies, looking on online job boards or speaking with our academic counsellor. Knowing the benefits of an internship may help you decide whether this is a worthwhile path for your career. In this post, we discuss the benefits of working as an intern and answer some frequently asked questions about internship programs.

Here are 15 of the reasons why a summer internship is so important for your career:

  1. Gain work experience in an office environment
  2. Acquire new skills
  3. Figure out a career path
  4. Use the connections to find a permanent role
  5. Provides access to a variety of resources
  6. Offers you mentorship
  7. Guides you on your career goals
  8. Grow your confidence
  9. Experience a new culture
  10. Get to work on exciting projects
  11. Be creative and try something new
  12. Shows employers you take initiative
  13. Helps you create a strong resume
  14. Leads to recommendations and references
  15. Transition to a full-time permanent job

If you’re looking for an internship…

Monkeys offers some helpful opportunities and tips for students looking for work experience.

Every year we look for a cohort of our graduate workers that are entering the jobs market at an incredibly difficult time and we help. This year we are starting to see green shoots as businesses look to make hires – particularly in industries like IT, Education and Tourism.

Monkeys is here to support both employers and students and will continue to work closely with employers and our business partners to promote open vacancies, ensuring our students and graduates are aware of the current career options.

As well, together with our universities and vocational colleges, we offer amazing post-graduation career support schemes in place, virtual internships or training sessions.

Want to register for the available internships and job vacancies? Fill out our work with us form to get regular updates and we will get in touch with you when the opportunity comes.